President's Message

Working Hard and Working Together

by Craig Kaufmann

"You can have anything you want if you want it badly enough. You can be anything you want to be,
do anything you set out to accomplish if you hold to that desire with singleness of purpose."—
Abraham Lincoln

KaufmannOne year ago I had the privilege of accepting the office of President of our fine organization, and I thank you for the confidence you have shown in me by giving me another year serving in that position. The future and success of SCI is not vested in the President, the EC or even the staff—it is vested in our collective efforts. As we reflect on the year passed and the year ahead, my challenge remains for each of us to lead and find our potentials in extraordinary ways.

In the past year, our efforts to protect the right to hunt have increased geometrically, but those battles are just harbingers of the fights coming. We have observed stabilization in our membership after a multi-year decline, and after years of talking about diversifying and growing revenues, we have taken tangible steps to enter new markets, attract new members and develop new sources of long-term revenue.

We have introduced many new provisions and processes that increase the transparency and governance of our organization, and I encourage all of us to lead to a higher standard and to be certain that our words and actions reflect favorably on SCI. SCI's reputation is in our hands, and we are responsible for maintaining it at a level worthy of the sportsmen and women we are, and the millions of hunters we represent.

The cost to run our company in the manner we have enjoyed for forty years is ever increasing and the current budget process once again proved the challenges. We have been forced to prioritize and marshal our fiscal resources to the overall benefit of the organization, and have made significant resolutions toward new revenue sources we hope to grow overtime and be accretive to our core business.

Empowering our staff is one of the most critical components of our long-term success and we have made tremendous steps in this effort under the leadership of CEO DeLone and his team. Our professional team works on behalf of our mission, and a strong, empowered professional staff is the cornerstone to a growing and prosperous organization.

I firmly believe that our greatest opportunity is to embrace the true nature of leadership and reach our potential. Effective leaders decide with facts, not emotions, and seek opportunities to grow the impact of mission. Together the potential for hunters and wildlife is tremendous. Now more than ever we need to unite as hunters. Never before has the public sentiment been more anti-hunting and anti-gun. Our adversaries are many. They have money, are active; if given a chance they will take our hunting and our guns. My challenge to you is to join me in the SCI mandate to make a difference in the future of hunting and wildlife.

Working together, we will lead and make a difference for our hunting heritage.

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