President's Message: Join the Fight to Save Hunting

HigginsThank you for giving me the opportunity to lead SCI for the next year. Hunting will face many opportunities and obstacles during my term as President, and it means a lot to me that you have placed your trust and confidence in me to work with our talented volunteers and professional staff as we go forward.

Hunting seasons in many parts of the world have ended or are coming to a close, but other parts of the world are ramping up or are in full swing—particularly Africa. SCI is a group of dedicated international hunters, so I hope many of you are taking the opportunity to get out and enjoy a hunting trip regardless of the date on the calendar.

We are all hunters and hunting is a huge part of our lives—it's in our blood—and being a hunter is what first intrigued me about SCI and ultimately prompted me to join in 1979. But there's more to being a part of Safari Club as it provides an opportunity to help promote our sport and assist in multiple ways and places around the globe.

No other organization has the depth or breadth that we have. We are known the world over and historically have played significant roles in preserving hunting as well as protecting wildlife. Think about that for a second—no other organization is specifically dedicated to protecting hunting like we do.

Everything that takes place within SCI takes a great deal of sweat equity from both volunteer and staff alike, and the demands have never been greater than they are today. Hunters and hunting are under constant attack and we do not see this trend lessening. In fact, it will likely increase in the future. We must be more vigilant today than ever before, and that takes time and resources. Whether you are the type of hunter who chases squirrels in the hardwoods or books a hunt for a markhor, you're in this fight. The antis are trying to stop you from hunting by trying everything from banning certain types of ammunition and closing down public lands to preventing importation of legally taken animals.

You are already engaged in this fight. Will you be the next hunter attacked on social media? Is your hunting ground the next to be closed? Will your shipment of legally taken animals be stopped next? You're already in the fight, so be involved in winning. There is strength in numbers and the more of us who help, the easier the challenges are for all of us. This isn't going to be a cakewalk and I promise you the fight will be ongoing, but through teamwork—volunteer and professional staff alike—we will win the battles of today and those in the future. We must, for hunting around the globe and its wildlife depend on us. I know we will continue to prevail because we are SCI—first for hunters and first for wildlife. Happy Hunting!

Larry Higgins

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