President's Message

Battle Strategy

by Craig Kaufmann

"We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately." -Benjamin Franklin

KaufmannThe success of SCI in protecting the rights of hunters lies in the strength and resolve of our collective commitment to our organization, but we cannot navigate the road to protecting hunting exclusively through internal programs.Antis are establishing lobbying offices in capitals around the world. Theyˊre joining forces in lawsuits and working together to promote extreme agendas and to strip you of your rights and hunting heritage. Make no mistake--this is a global battle.

Similarly, we must form our own strategic alliances and partnerships, and consolidate like-minded groups in the ever-growing battle against the anti-hunting movement. By reaching beyond our membership and combining our unique set of assets with those of others, we can better leverage our position in Washington and in other countries around the world, and send commanding one-voice messages to legislators.

Recently, Chris Cox, Executive Director of NRA-ILA--one of our strategic partners--was the keynote speaker at the second Hunter Defense Fund fundraiser. At the Safari Club International May Board Meeting dinner, Cox delivered a powerful message about hunters and hunting being attacked not just by gun-control advocates, but also by individuals masquerading as sportsmen and women to score political points.

˵Election cycle after election cycle, environmentalists and anti-gun groups try to hijack the good name of hunters to promote their extreme agenda,˶ said NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox. ˵If we are going to protect our Second Amendment freedoms and hunting heritage for current and future generations, itˊs critical that we stand united. The Hunter Defense Fund plays a significant role in that effort, by uniting hunters in defense of our fundamental rights."

Protecting the right to hunt is the very essence of our existence and we must be uncompromised in our focus on that mission. The Hunter Defense Fund is not just the ˵First Line of Defense for Hunters˶ against anti-hunting extremists who are united and working to suppress and restrict our right to hunt, it is the ONLY Super PAC to counteract these anti-hunters. There are several initiatives that need to move into the crosshairs of HDF and, together with your support and that of our strategic partners, the Hunter Defense Fund will run dedicated campaigns to protect hunting and to defeat elected officials who are anti-hunting. Please join me in supporting the Hunter Defense Fund.

Working together we will lead, and make a difference, for our hunting heritage.

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