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SCI Hunter Defense Fund contributions have a direct impact on our freedom to hunt; wildlife conservation policy; and important legislative, regulatory, and legal issues. Below are several examples of SCI Hunter Defense Fund involvement in protecting and promoting hunting worldwide. This work could not have been done without the support of hunters, like you, making contributions:

  • Fighting for Importation of Hunting Trophies: SCI successfully lobbied at CITES to push through a hunter-friendly definition of what constitutes a hunting trophy. This will help to alleviate some confusion and red tape for international trophy shipments.

  • Fighting Against Federal Land Grabs:Recently, there was a leaked Department of Interior memo outlining the desire of the Executive office to utilize the Antiquities Act. According to this memo the Administration was considering 17 new National Monuments, in 11 Western states, to include some 13 million acres.SCI continues working to ensure no such attempt goes forward.

  • Defeating Anti-Trapping Initiative in Montana: SCI is fighting against a prohibition of all trapping on public lands starting with a ballot initiative inMontana. The proposed ban includes both state and federal lands and would affect hunters and wildlife agents dealing with problem animals or agents conducting research.

  • Defeating Anti-Predator Management Initiative in Alaska: SCI helped defeat by a 55% to 44% margin a ballot initiative that would have limited the stateˊs authority to manage predator populations that threaten the stateˊs wildlife, livestock, and even pets.

Contributions and gifts to the Hunter Defense Fund are not tax-deductible for income tax purposes. For more information, visit

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