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December 2011, Edition 18

Alberta adopts a law to get people out-of-doors in April! Really. Ontario bans its Snapping Turtle Hunt! Ouch! We canˊt make this stuff up. Read about these and other stories below.


Canada flag


A 15-Year Commitment to Protect The St. Lawrence
November-29-11, 1:51:00 PM

Today, Canada's Minister of the Environment, the Honourable Peter Kent, the Minister of Veterans Affairs, the Honourable Steven Blaney, as well as the Quebec Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks, Mr. Pierre Arcand, announced a 15-year commitment to protect the St. Lawrence. This agreement, known as the St. Lawrence Action Plan 2011-2026, will continue the Canada-Quebec collaboration on the St. Lawrence that began back in 1988. The governments also confirmed a joint investment of $70 million over five years.

Un engagement de 15 ans l'gard de la conservation du Saint-Laurent
MONTRAL, Qc - le 29 novembre 2011

Le ministre de l'Environnement du Canada, l'honorable Peter Kent, le ministre des Anciens Combattants du Canada, l'honorable Steven Blaney ainsi que le ministre du Dveloppement durable, de l'Environnement et des Parcs du Qubec, M.Pierre Arcand, ont annonc aujourd'hui qu'ils s'engagent pour 15 ans dans la conservation du Saint-Laurent.

Government of Canada Announces Woodland Caribou Captive Breeding Partnering Arrangement between Parks Canada, BC Government and Calgary Zoo

Innovative project a cornerstone of Parks Canada's Conservation Strategy for Southern Mountain Caribou in Canada's National Parks

Accord de partenariat entre Parcs Canada, le zoo de Calgary et le gouvernement de la Colombie Britannique pour l'levage en captivit du caribou des bois
25 novembre-11

Un projet innovateur la base de la Stratgie de conservation du caribou des montagnes du Sud dans les parcs nationaux du Canada

British Columbia


Kokanee stocks in Okanagan lakes

The Province has completed its annual survey of kokanee numbers for the Okanagan Lakes region, announced Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Steve Thomson.

Alberta flag


Alberta gains ground against mountain pine beetles

Aerial surveys show Alberta is making progress in its fight against mountain pine beetle infestations in some parts of the province.



Rage du raton laveur - Le Comit interministriel sur la rage du raton laveur remercie la population pour sa participation
Lundi 28 novembre 2011

Gestion des ressources fauniques et des territoires - Le ministre Simard annonce l'attribution d'une aide financire de 700 000 $ la Fondation de la faune du Qubec
2 dcembre 2011

New Brunswick


2011 Award of Excellence

Resource Officers Richard Kingston and Robert Amos today received the Department of Natural Resourcesˊ Award of Excellence for 2011.


Northern activists arrive at Durban climate talks
He worries rising temperatures will affect his hunting grounds. ˵It's getting warmer and warmer and warmer. I used to come 25 years ago driving sled dogs . . . and it was cold, very cold,˶ said Sangris. The creeks near the Kam Lake area, where Sangris ...

Teen says hunting trip was a great accomplishment
Western Star
That day took place in October on a trip to Nova Scotia that House, 18, won through the 2011 Atlantic Provinces' Youth Hunting and Fishing Exchange Program. The program, which creates opportunities for youth in Atlantic Canada to become involved in ...

Head for the great outdoors in April, Albertans urged
Toronto Star
... 500000 members in 29 organizations coast to coast, said new Canadians and those in the city should take time to get outdoors. ˵This country is so divided on so many things, it's important to remember our heritage of fishing or hunting,˶ he said. ...

Ministry lays charges against 33 hunters
Brockville Recorder and Times
The Ministry of Natural Resources checked 432 hunters, laying 33 charges and issuing 32 warnings during a recent enforcement blitz. Enforcement efforts were focused in the City of Ottawa and the counties of Prescott-Russell, Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry, ...

Who is to blame for the crisis in Attawapiskat?
Yahoo! News Canada (blog)
"For example, every spring, hunters on his reserve would be ferried to hunting camp by helicopter — using money that could have been spent on housing or education." It seems, in Attawapiskat, there is plenty of blame to go around. ...

Baby Seals Need the Nicest Ice
Science AAAS
Canadian government scientists who set quotas for the annual seal hunt wanted to know whether climate change might alter this narrow window of prime ice conditions for the seals, and if mothers cue in to particular ice features. ...

Matt Gurney: NDP's honest mistake confirms Canada's dysfunctional gun laws
National Post (blog)
Two extra inches of barrel won't stop a madman from firing into a crowd. Two inches less doesn't mean it can't be used for hunting. As currently written, Canada's firearms laws are a political exercise first, everything else second. ...

Ont. environment commissioner 'nervous' about situation
He called on the government to halt the hunting of snapping turtles until the Ministry of Natural Resources can get a proper estimate of the population, saying allowing hunters to take two turtles a day could be decimating the species. ...

Trigger lock could have prevented shooting of 4-year-old
"I am prepared to take full responsibility for not having my guns properly stored," he said in an interview with The Canadian Press. "This is something that very well could have been prevented. I know better. I took hunter safety and I just should have ...

Longtime hunter knows lay of the land
Reading Eagle
He still hunts, using a crossbow for deer during the past nine years, and plans to hunt bear with a rifle in New Brunswick, Canada, this spring. But Gechter himself is a Reading boy, who belonged to the archery club at Northeast Junior High. ...

Sea turtle found on BC shore a rare sight in Canadian waters
Vancouver Sun
Like all sea turtles, populations are endangered because of years of hunting. Olive ridley turtles are not able to withstand cold temperatures and the animal was not only badly injured, but possibly "cold-stunned," when it was found, Spaven said. ...

Illinois hunter drops bull moose in Canada
Peoria Journal Star
Mary Brucker of Bloomington has harvested several female white-tail deer in the 20-plus years she's hunted in Illinois, but she hasn't seen a single buck. Moose in Canada are different. Her first bull moose killed on her most recent ...

Endangered whooping crane recovery suffers major setback
Montreal Gazette
The conversion of marsh habitat to farmland, destructive hunting practices and other factors led to the bird's disappearance from the region. But the Louisiana reintroduction has had strong backing from Salazar, US President Barack Obama's top ...

Bucket list moose hunt a giant success
Middle East North Africa Financial Network
He's hunted elk in the American West, brown bears in Russia, and Caribou in Canada. But as he entered his first year of retirement, the former assistant city manager for Roanoke had a big adventure on his so called bucket list. ...

Crown wants jail time, fine and ban for eagle poachers
Blackman said in the space of three months and five days, Jerome Seymour committed 11 separate offences of trafficking wildlife and five of hunting out of season - all purely for financial gain. Blackman called Jerome Seymour's attitude "callous and ...

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