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The type of firearm, ammunition, or weapon, and whether it's for temporary or permanent import or export, will determine regulations and documentation. According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, in order to import weapons or ammunition, you must go through a licensed importer, dealer, or manufacturer.

United Nations: The UN has no less than five programs dedicated to limiting the ability to import or transport firearms. These programs would greatly increase the difficulty of traveling with firearms and could lead to a global gun control treaty. SCI is a registered non-governmental organization with the United Nations working to oppose the UN's attempt to impose a global gun control treaty. SCI sent representatives to UN meetings to oppose the Arms Trade Treaty and the UN Program of Action on Small Arms.

World Forum on the Future of Sport Shooting Activities (WFSA):SCI serves on the Executive Committee of the WFSA and SCI's participation in WFSA helps magnify SCI's voice in the international community. The Forum is an educational and scientific association, founded in 1997 by over two dozen existing associations and organizations. WFSA is a pro-active advocacy organization, representing a substantial portion of the sport shooting community, working in concert with international bodies, national governments and regulatory authorities, for the worldwide promotion and preservation of sport shooting activities.

Visit these government websites for more information including documentation requirements.

Certain weapons or ammunition may be prohibited from importation without written authority from the ATF, or a Department of State license.

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