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Why do hunters hunt? Because it's fun. It's a favorite pastime. For some, it's a living. There are many critics who attack the hunter lifestyle, even though hunting is one of the richest human traditions in the world. Safari Club International encourages present hunters to continue to enjoy our hunting heritage as well as invites others to join us.

The 100 page-plus issues of SAFARI Magazine, the Journal for Big Game Hunters, are full of information on places to go, gear to look into, and stories about memorable hunts from all over the globe from those who enjoy hunting. Known to be a magazine of high-quality, back issues are considered to be collector's items. Members receive issues as part of their membership.

SCI also publishes Safari Times, an online members-only newspaper that offers regular information about chapter matters and the various programs and missions of both SCI and SCIF. The official newspaper of SCI, the Times includes information from the Board of Directors as well as updates about SCI activities such as what's coming at Convention and litigation reports from the Washington, D.C., office.

"In the Crosshairs" is an email newsletter from the Washington, D.C., office that keeps members and others in the shooting sports arena informed about the latest developments from around the world that affect our shared passion for hunting and conservation.

No matter which medium is used, Safari Club International aims to celebrate hunting adventures and keep hunters informed about threats – and victories – to our hunting heritage.

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