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SCI Public Relations Department

The Public Relations Department of Safari Club International works diligently to stay on top of all the latest industry news and how current events affect SCI members, sponsors and supporters. Our team also keeps the public informed on conservation efforts pertinent to all hunters.

PR is also charged with coordinating and assisting chapters with promoting their grassroots efforts and maintaining contact with media outlets around the world.

Press Inquiries or PR assistance, contact Nelson Freemanat (202) 543-8733

Press Coverage

Safari Club International invites active members of the media to apply to attend the SCIˊs Annual Huntersˊ Convention and SCIFˊs EPIC Outdoor Game Fair.


The Annual Hunters' Convention is the most dynamic and diverse hunting show today – and it's exclusive to SCI members. Thousands of exhibits make it the most powerful buying and selling environment in the outdoor industry. Read more at

EPIC Outdoor Game Fair

The EPIC Outdoor Game Fair, hosted by Safari Club International Foundation and Quail Unlimited, is designed to encourage families, youth and individuals to engage actively in outdoor sporting activities through education, participation, instruction and competition. Our goal is to bring together a diverse range of outdoor enthusiasts to build a framework for understanding one another's passions. Read more at

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