SCI Corporate Sponsors

To inquire about becoming a Corporate Sponsor:
Contact Angelia Sagi, Director of Sales,, 520.620.1220 x239

Oil  Boom USA

Own your own oil well, and enjoy unprecedented
tax advantages with and Nakoma Exploration.
We are in the business of America.


SWAROVSKI OPTIK provides hunting and outdoor accessories
and is an SCI corporate sponsor.

Global Rescue

Global Rescue is a medical and security evacuation
company that provides field rescue, deploys paramedics
and special operations personnel, and offers real-time advice
from specialists at Johns Hopkins Medicine.


Hornady provides firearms accessories
and is an SCI corporate sponsor.


Carl Zeiss, Your partner for high performance sports optics
and innovative optoelectronic products to make your hunt
more enjoyable and memorable.


Boyt Harness Company and Bob Allen provide
SCI-licensed products.

Midway USA

MidwayUSA is the world leader in the distribution of shooting
and reloading supplies and equipment. MidwayUSA offers a
huge selection of Shooting, Reloading, Gunsmithing, Hunting
and outdoor products to Customers worldwide.


Cabela's provides hunting accessories
and is an SCI corporate sponsor.

Sport Ear

SportEAR delivers the Ultimate in Innovative,
High-level Hearing Enhancement
with Automatic Hearing Protection.
Trust your Total Hearing Performance in the field or for daily wear
to the Hearing Experts. Check us out
or Call Today at 877-557-4238


Yamaha is known the world over for both their off-road
and on-road vehicles. And are now a corporate sponsor of
SCI's television series,"Expedition Safari."

Tracking Point

TrackingPoint is the Austin-based applied technology company
that created the first Precision Guided Firearm (PGF).The PGF
is a revolutionary new long-range shooting system
thatputs jet fighter "lock and launch" technology in a rifle,
enabling anyone to hit moving targets at extended ranges.

Havalon Knives

Trusted by top guides and outfitters, Havalon Knives are
the world's sharpest hunting knives. Each knife features
surgically sharp replaceable blades, so you NEVER LOSE YOUR EDGE.


GASTON encompasses the goal-orienteddevelopment of products
focused on people and the environment.The products are a
well-balanced combination of style and function, imparting both
safety and elegance to Hunting and Shooting Sports.

Fauna and Flora

Serving the Import / Export community with Air & Ocean
Shipping, Customs Clearance, Warehousing & Distribution
throughout the U.S.

Outdoor Channel

Outdoor Channel is an Americanspecialty channel focused
on the outdoors, offering programming that includes hunting,
fishing, Western lifestyle, off-road motorsports and adventure.

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