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The Largest Record Keeping System in the World

North America Record Book SetRecord Books are considered to be the epitome of encyclopedias of big game animals and may be purchased individually. The SCI Record Book of Big Game Animals uses SCI's unique all-inclusive record keeping system, the most used system in the world, to document our hunting heritage. The scoring system recognizes typical and non-typical animals and both free range and estate taken animals. No deductions are enforced penalizing animals for asymmetry in the SCI scoring system.

At Shop SCI, you can find softcover and hard cover editions of Record Books for a special member price. Currently, available titles include: Africa Ed. XIII - Vol . 1 & 2, North America & North America Introduced Ed XIII - Vol. 1 & 2, and Rest of the World Ed. XIII - Vol. 4 (Europe, Asia, South America, South Pacific).The books are printed at various times based on the entry submission for each book since the prior printing. Quantities are limited and some books may not be available.

The books are printed at various times based on the entry submission for each book since the prior printing. Deadlines for entry submissionfor the Record Book is March 1st of the corresponding year.

Official measuring tools are also available at Shop SCI, including the Home Study Kit. Fine-crafted trophies and awards that commemorate your hunting accomplishments will add interest to any room.

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Online Record Book
of Big Game Animals

The SCI Online Record Book ofBig Game Animals is a fun way to watch the Record Book grow. Nightly, the Record Books are ranked and approved changes are automatically updated. Hunters can now research their hunts prior to booking any hunt by using the Online Record Book at www.scirecordbook.org.

The Online Record Book allows subscribers to search by species, locations, guides and outfitters, and more. Subscribers can view the data not seen in the printed books, such as all measurements that make up a total score. The Online Record Book is the ultimate hunting research tool for the traveling hunter. Find out the who, what, when, where, and when about the top species in every SCI category with the ability to navigate through the Online Record Book in seconds.

Submit a Hunt Report

This report will be filed in the Hunt Reports Center at SCI Headquarters and used by members to select hunting areas, outfitters, and guides. It may possibly be used to prepare the Hunt Report column included in each issue of Safari Times. Hunt Reports sent in by the Outfitter must be signed by the member.

Visit www.scirecordbook.org for the form.

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