World Hunting Awards

Awards Issue 2015

Annually, the Record Book committee recognizes all hunters who have achieved exceptional levels of big game hunting over the past year in a special awards issue of SAFARI Magazine.

These individuals show their support of wildlife conservation and management through participating in hunting expeditions. To fund such expeditions assists the hunting community, government economies, and conservation and agricultural efforts. A select number of individuals are nominated for special awards in recognition of their work and dedication to the global hunting community and staying true to the missions of SCI.

2015 Awards Issue(Digital)

2015 Awards Issue (Print)

My World Hunting Awards

New Awards! Grand Slam (PDF) & Inner Circle (PDF)

Trophy Room of a World Hunting Award Winner

Trophy Room

Take a photo tour of Leon Munyan's personal trophy room, where there are over 200 species on exhibit. A hangun hunting consultant for the Record Book and the World Hunting Awards Committee, as well as a winner of a World Hunting Award, Munyan strongly supports the Record Book and considers it an important part of documenting our hunting heritage for us now and for future generations. His daughters also have rooms off of the main showroom, bringing the total number of species taken by the Munyan household to 292.

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Featured Videos

The gentlemen in these videos are avid sportsmen and members of Safari Club International. To them, hunting it more than a pasttime, it's a way of life - a way of life protected by SCI and preserved by Record Book.

"We feel an obligation to promote family hunting," says Life Member John Swarts of Hills 'n' Hollars.

Wayne Farnsworth Jr. talks about his hunting heritage and his hunting experience.

"Successful bow hunting requires determination, dedication, and skill," says Tom Miranda.

"I'm glad SCI recognizes the difference in how game was taken," says handgun hunter Mark Hampton.

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