Measuring Program

Become an Official or Master Measurer

Measuring kitAll SCI measurers must be members of SCI (Life, National, International). There are two levels of SCI measurer: Official and Master.

To become an Official Measurer, one must either attend the Official Measurer's course and pass the written examination, or purchase a Home Study Kit and pass the written examination.The Official SCI Measuring Kit ($100.00 + shipping/handling) comes with the measuring manual and test. You can study at home, take the test and send it to the Record Book Department for grading. You will need to pass with 80% to become an Official Measurer.

Please call the Record Book Department 520-620-1220. Anyone in the department will be able to help you order your Official SCI Measuring Kit and answer any questions you may have. You can also purchase the Kit online at Shop SCI.

To become a Master Measurer, one must already be an Official Measurer for one year and take the Master Measurer's Course. The course will consist of a 4-hour instructional seminar and scoring the provided 25 trophy animals within 3% accuracy in the allocated time. Twelve of the twenty-five trophies to be scored will be antlered game. Only a Master Measurer may certify a Top 20 entry or one that is nominated for a Major Award.

SCI Official Measuring Manual and Measuring Manual Policy is restricted to Active SCI Measurers only

SCI Official Measuring Manual

SCI Measuring Policy Updates

Score n StoreScore and Store Program

2015 Update Now Available

Safari Club International's Score and Store Program is designed for the exclusive use of SCI Members. This great program gives SCI Measurers and Members the ability to track their record book entries and contains self-calculation measuring forms for all methods in the SCI scoring system. Once completed, the forms can be saved on your computer, printed, or emailed. You can download the Score and Store Program by selecting one of the links below. (You will be asked to log in.)

Score and Store Program Version 3 (Windows/PC) | Install Instructions

Score and Store Program Version 3 Update (Windows/PC) | Install Instructions

Score and Store Program Version 3 (Mac OS X) | Install Instructions

Score and Store Program Version 3 Update (Mac OS X) | Install Instructions

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